Baseball Anticipation Study

We have just launched a study to find out how perceptual-cognitive skills develop in baseball athletes.

Phase 1 of this online study is with children and adults from the ages of 13 years to 21 years, spanning people with low experience (1-2 years of baseball) to high experience (University/varsity team). If you would like to learn more about this study and are interested in getting involved, or getting your child involved, please e-mail research personnel in the Motor Skill Lab. ( or Dr. Nicola Hodges ( with “Baseball Anticipation” in the subject line and include the following information for all individuals who would like to participate:
• Player(s)’ first name and full initials.
• Player(s)’ and/or Parent’s/Guardian’s email addresses (if your child does not have a personal e-mail we will send both player and parent/guardian questionnaires to your e-mail).
• Players’ age(s) on January 1st, 2021, what age group they will be playing baseball in this season and what age group they played last season (e.g., U18, U16, or U14 age group).

If you have any questions or desire further information with respect to this study, you should contact Dr. Nicola Hodges, Georgia Grieve or Zachary Besler ( Please read either of the two attachments for more information about how to participate.



UBC ethics: ethics # H19-02705


Contact: Georgia Grieve Email: Status: Open