Equipment and facilities

The Motor Skills Lab is well equipped with hardware and software that enables the study of motor learning. We are located in the War Memorial Gym (room 300) and we have a large space (with mountain views and black-out curtains!) for the testing of whole-body movement skills. There are 3 work stations within the main lab for research personnel and next door there is a testing area and space for research personnel, which is equipped with 4 computer workstations. Stay tuned though, we are due to move into a brand new building (GATEWAY) in 2024. We collaborate with researchers at UBC-O /Okanagan in Psychology as well as at UBC-V/Vancouver in Physical Therapy, Opthamology and Psychology. As well, we have various collaborators nationally and across the globe (USA, UK, Germany, Australia). These collaborations afford opportunities for travel and study as well as additional access to tools and equipment (such as a KINARM, EEG and tdcs systems, TMS, VR and eye gaze tracking).