People past and present

Name Position Research Year
Nicola Hodges Lab director Motor learning 2005 View publications
Ryan Jin Undergraduate Motor adaptation and motor imagery and observation 2022
Minghao Ma Undergraduate Action anticipation, motor imagery 2022
Matthew Scott Postdoctoral Imagery and Observation 2022 View publications
Aneesha Mehta Undergraduate Soccer pathways 2021
Christina Whang Undergraduate coaches' survey regarding perceptual cognitive skills 2021
Carrie Peters PhD student Women's soccer development and observational learning 2020 View publications
Zachary Besler Masters student Action anticipation and perceptual skill development in sport 2020 View publications
Michael Dhaliwal Masters student Perceptual Cognitive Skills training in soccer 2019
Sowmya Gopalakrishnan Undergraduate Dart challenge progression study 2019