Nicola Hodges

Position: Lab director

Research Motor learning

Year: 2005


I'm originally from the UK (Surrey, England) where I developed my passion for sport and experimental psychology. I've sampled many different sports, but my main love is soccer. I began studying psychology (formally) at age 16 and have never stopped. Pursuing my graduate research in Kinesiology related fields (i.e., motor behaviour) allowed me to marry my two passions and to travel at the same time. Vancouver, British Columbia is now my home (where I live with my 2 kids and partner) and we are all now Canadians.


Ph.D. Human Kinetics, University of British Columbia (Sep, 1996-Feb, 2001)

M.Sc. Human Biodynamics, McMaster University (Sep, 1993-Sep, 1995)

B.Sc. Psychology, University of Hertfordshire (Sep, 1989-Jul, 1992)  


Professor, UBC (Kinesiology) (July 2004)

Senior Lecturer, Liverpool J-M Uni (LJMU) (Jul, 2003-Jun, 2004)

Post Doctoral Fellow, LJMU, Sport & Exercise Sci (Jan, 2001-Jun, 2003)