Skill Acquisition in Sport

Research, Theory and Practice
Edited by Nicola Hodges, Mark A. Williams


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Success in sport depends upon the athlete's ability to develop and
perfect a specific set of perceptual, cognitive and motor skills. Now
in a fully revised and updated new edition, Skill Acquisition in Sport
examines how we learn such skills and, in particular, considers the
crucial role of practice and instruction in the skill acquisition

Containing thirteen completely new chapters, and engaging with the
significant advances in neurophysiological techniques that have
profoundly shaped our understanding of motor control and
development, the book provides a comprehensive review of current
research and theory on skill acquisition. Leading international
experts explore key topics such as:

  • attentional focus
  • augmented Feedback
  • observational practice and learning
  • implicit motor learning
  • mental imagery training
  • physical guidance
  • motivation and motor learning
  • neurophysiology
  • development of skill
  • joint action.

Throughout, the book addresses the implications of current research for instruction and practice in sport,
making explicit connections between core science and sporting performance. No other book covers this
fundamental topic in such breadth or depth, making this book important reading for any student, scholar or
practitioner working in sport science, cognitive science, kinesiology, clinical and rehabilitation sciences,
neurophysiology, psychology, ergonomics or robotics.

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