Optimal challenge zones for improving long term learning

There are a few podcasts/interviews related to this paper on the challenge-point framework, which help provide a knowledge translation component to the work.

Hodges, N. J., & Lohse, K. R. (2022). An extended challenge-based framework for practice design in sports coaching. Journal of Sports Sciences, 40(7), 754-768.

<see also preprint version under publications>


  1. Jan 2023: The Sport Doctor podcast with James Barkley (Australia). https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/professor-nicola-hodges-using-a-ch...
  2. Aug 2022: The Sport Psych Show with Dan Abrahams; Episode #206 Prof Nicola Hodges and Prof Keith Lohse – Extended Challenge point framework.
  3. Feb 2022: episode 388 – An Extended Challenge Point Framework for Practice Design. https://perceptionaction.com/388/