Darts and skill-based progressions

We are looking for patricipants who have not played darts to take part in a learning study looking at task difficulty progressions.


Adults with perfect or corrected vision, between ages 19-50 (or 18-50 for students at University of British Columbia, UBC), with no known neurological or physical impairment that would adversely affect upper body mobility. Because this is a learning study that takes place over two days, we will only include individuals in our testing procedures who self-report that they had minimal or no experience playing darts and commit to two consecutive days of study. Participants will need to have a good understanding of English in order to adequately follow our instructions.


1) Injuries to the upper limbs or any known neurological disorders where overall movement will be adversely affected and atypical of the general population
2) Poor vision that cannot be corrected
3) Participants below 19 (18 for UBC students) years or above 50 years of age
4) Individuals who report playing darts more than once in the past 12-month period (or more than 3-5 times ever).
5) Individuals who have a poor understanding of English (hence may not understand instructions)
6) Current competitive athletes in a sport involving throwing accuracy with the upper limbs e.g., basketball, baseball, softball.

Participants will receive a honorarium for participation, such that they will receive $12.65/hr to the next quarter hour (~$19-$25 for completion).

Ethics #: Human Ethics - H12-03325


Contact: Nicola Hodges Email: nicola.hodges@ubc.ca Status: Closed