We are looking for participants to take part in either an in-person or online study, where we are interested in anticipation in people with various experience playing and watching volleyball.

If you are interested, please email: contact Michael Dhaliwal: mikedhal@student.ubc.ca (who is the graduate student leading this online research project).

He will send you a link to a secure Qualtrics survey where we can get information about your experience with volleyball and determine eligibility. Once this small section is complete, we will send you a link to an online task with a personal code to complete the main online experiment.

If you are eligible and all validity checks have been met for the online study then we will offer a small reimbursement of a $15 amazon e-voucher (Cdn).

Many thanks for your interest.


Contact: Michael Dhaliwal Email: mikedhal@student.ubc.ca Status: Open