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We are excited to (re)launch our "Girls' and Women's Soccer Pathways" project after some delays in roll-out as a result of COVID 19. This study has been designed to learn more about the paths and reasons for continued participation and success in girls' and women's soccer. This is a SSHRC supported research project which has been developed and launched in consultation and with support from staff associated with Canada's National team and BC Soccer.

We are currently recruiting girls (and their parents) who play competitive girls' soccer to complete a survey. We are interested in players as young as U14, with our current targeted ages being 13 - 18 years. We are recruiting players across Canada who play at various levels from the highest tiers of girls' soccer (e.g., National, Provincial, REX, Premier) to other competitive levels (including Metro, Division 1 and 2/gold and silver Clubs/teams).

If you are interested and want to check if you qualify, PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL to: Please include in the message at least one parent's (guardian's) name and email, the player's current team, age group and level of participation. You could also let us know whether you want just a player survey or parent and player survey.

WE WILL SEND YOU A LINK TO THE SURVEY ONCE WE RECEIVE AN EMAIL AND VERIFY PARENTAL CONSENT for all players under age 16 years. We are asking a small subset of parents to also fill out a survey for reliability purposes. Players will get a $15 Amazon voucher for completing the survey (parent's, $10 voucher). We will be following up players over a 3-5 year period with a shortened version of the survey to complete each year ($10 voucher for subsequent year participation).

Many thanks for supporting our research and girls' and women's soccer. Stay tuned for study updates.
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Contact: Carrie Peters/ Nicola Hodges Email: Status: Closed