An especial skill: Support for a learned parameters hypothesis

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TitleAn especial skill: Support for a learned parameters hypothesis
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsBreslin, G, Hodges, NJ, Kennedy, R, Hanlon, M, Williams, AM
JournalActa Psychologica
Pagination55 - 60
Date Published05/2010

We tested the ‘learned parameters’ hypothesis as an explanation of the ‘especial skill effect’. Outcome attainment and movement kinematics were recorded for ten expert and ten novice players performing basketball free throw shots at five distances (11ft - 19ft) with a regular and heavy weight basketball. As predicted, experts performed better than expected relative to the regression equation at the 15 ft, free throw line with the regular basketball, supporting the ‘especial skill effect’. This effect was not present for the experts when shooting with the heavy ball. Novices did not show an advantage at the free throw line when performing with either ball. Although the outcome attainment scores support the learned parameters hypotheses, kinematic analysis failed to identify differences in the movement pattern for the especial skill, suggesting that these skills (i.e., shooting at different distances) are not governed by separate motor programs.

Short TitleActa Psychologica
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