Skill Acquisition in Sport II: Research, Theory and Practice

TitleSkill Acquisition in Sport II: Research, Theory and Practice
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsHodges NJ, Williams AM
PublisherRoutledge (Taylor & Francis Group)
AbstractIn this new edition we showcase 9 new topics which are of current interest in the skill acquisition field (see contents below). All of the chapters are new, rather than revised, such that the content is both novel and current. We have added 2 new chapters at the end of the book which shed light on the successes and challenges of applying skill acquisition research in the field. Provisional Table of Contents: 1. Introduction MARK WILLIAMS AND NICOLA HODGES TOPIC I. PRESENTING INFORMATION 2. Learning to attend externally KEITH LOHSE, GABRIELE WULF, REBECCA lETHWAITE 3. Augmented Feedback RICHARD MAGILL and DAVID ANDERSON 4. Scheduling observational practice for learning NICOLE ONG and NICOLA HODGES 5. Implicit motor learning RICHARD S. W. MASTERS and JOHN MAXWELL TOPIC II: OPTIMIZING PRACTICE CONDITIONS 6. Mental imagery AIDAN MORAN (and co-authors) 7. Physical guidance PAUL CAMPAGNARO and NICOLA HODGES 8. Scheduling practice TIMOTHY LEE 9. Representative learning design for achieving emergent movement solutions in sport KEITH DAVIDS, Duarte Ara├║jo, Robert Hristovski, Pedro Passos and Jia Yi Chow 10. Perceptual expertise: what can be trained? JOE CAUSER, CHRIS JANELLE, JOAN VICKERS AND MARK WILLIAMS TOPIC III: GENERAL ISSUES IN LEARNING 11. Transfer of training CHARLES SHEA and DAVID WRIGHT 12. Especial Skills (generality and specificity in motor learning) GAVIN BRESLIN, TIM LEE and RICHARD SCHMIDT 13. Motivation and motor learning GABRIELE WULF and REBECCA LEWTHWAITE 14. Critical periods for learning DAVID ANDERSON and RICHARD MAGILL 15. Consolidation and its role in learning LUC PROTEAU and MAXIME TREMPE 16. Motor skill learning and its neurophysiology LARA BOYD (and co-authors) TOPIC IV: SKILLED PERFORMANCE 17. Expert performance/memory representations and expertise BRUCE ABERNETHY, David Mann, Adam Gorman and Damian Farrow 18. The development of skill in sport JEAN COTE (and co-authors) 19. Embodied Cognition: From the Playing Field to the Classroom NEIL ALBERT and SIAN BEILOCK 20. Joint action and implications for motor learning/expert performance NATALIE SEBANZ (and co-authors) TOPIC V: RESEARCH, THEORY & PRACTICE: CHALLENGES & SOLUTIONS 21. Working in the field (Northern Hemisphere) MARK WILLIAMS, JOAN VICKERS and PAUL FORD 22. Working in the field (Southern Hemisphere) CHRIS BUTTON and DAMIEN FARROW