Dr Joern Munzert visit (Oct 20-25th, 2013)

Posted 26 Sep 2013

Dr Joern Munzert from the University of Giessen will be visiting the Motor Skills Lab and UBC from Monday Oct 20th-Firday October 25th. He will be giving a presentation in room 100, WMG on Wednesday Oct 23rd on neurophysiology, action simulation and observation and imagery. This will be from 12-30pm to 2pm, all are welcome, a light lunch and refreshments will be provided. If you would like to make an apt. to meet with Dr Munzert, please send me an email.


Selected publications:


B. Lorey, S. Pilgramm, K. Zentgraf, R. Stark, J. Munzert. (2009). The role of own body-representations in action observation. NeuroImage, 47.

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