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New publications (free reprints until Mar 30th) regarding skill development in soccer by grad. student David Hendry, well done David! Posted 08 Feb 2018
1) Psychology of Sport and Exercisefree reprint until march 30th
Canada Women's Soccer "experience" Posted 04 Jan 2018
I recently got to spend some time observing and providing consultancy to the Canadian Women's National Soccer team in their lead up to the USA friendly game in November. This was a great and  challenging experience...applying what I write, talk about and research to a high performance sport setting. I'm hoping that this collaboration will continue into 2018.
Congrats May 2016 Graduates Posted 26 May 2016
A great ceremony today, especially for people from the lab. Congratulations to Shawn Hetherington on his MKIN degree and to Jamie Hawke and Emily Brewer for obtaining their BKIN degrees. Also, a big congratulations too to Brennan Chan on received his DUAL degrees in Science and Music! Well done all and best wishes in your future careers.
Dr Cate Madill from U Sydney is visiting the lab Posted 26 May 2016
Cate will be visiting us again from May 25th-June 1st. She will be talking about her new award and recent research where she has been trying to advance teaching of voice-related motor skills using principles of motor skill acquisition: 
Former postdoc, Dr Keith Lohse, gives a great interview! Posted 18 Mar 2016
Keith was interviewed by Dr Rob Gray on his perception action podcast yesterday. He gave an excellent interview and chatted about some work he did here at UBC. 
April Karlinsky advances to candidacy Posted 16 Jun 2015
Congratualtions April. Thesis title: Motor Learning through a social lens
Professor Mark Williams and students to visit Lab in June Posted 14 May 2015
Mark Williams will be visiting us in the Motor Skills Lab June 8th and 9th. If you would like to arrange a meeting please let me know.
Nicole Ong advances to PhD candidacy, Congratulations! Posted 18 Jul 2014
Title: Perceptions of performance success and motor learning Thesis supervisor: Dr. Nicola Hodges; Committee members:Dr. Romeo Chua & Dr. Lara Boyd The study of errors in motor learning has mostly been considered with respect to information-processing theories. Though acknowledged to play a role in motor performance and learning, motivation was thought to mainly exert temporary energizing effects on performance. More recently, motivational-related factors have been shown to impact motor learning (and memory
Tom successfully earns his MKIN Posted 14 May 2014
Congratulations Tom! He successfully presented and defended his Masters of Kinesiology major paper entitled: "Constraints manipulation in Parkour". Tom started as a MSc student in 2011, where he studied how observational practice influences what people think they can do, and how. The paper based on this empirical work is currently in review with Psychological Research "Probing how we learn and what we think we learn from observational practice of a novel action". Tom's passion since coming to Vancouver from Florida has always been with Parkour.
April wins prestigious SSHRC Bombardier scholarship Posted 08 May 2012
 Many congratulations April!