Tom successfully earns his MKIN

Posted 14 May 2014

Congratulations Tom! He successfully presented and defended his Masters of Kinesiology major paper entitled: "Constraints manipulation in Parkour". Tom started as a MSc student in 2011, where he studied how observational practice influences what people think they can do, and how. The paper based on this empirical work is currently in review with Psychological Research "Probing how we learn and what we think we learn from observational practice of a novel action". Tom's passion since coming to Vancouver from Florida has always been with Parkour. He has been involved in the setup of "origins" in Vancouver (an indoor space dedicated to parkour training and competing), where he now works as head coach. We hope the skills and knowledge Tom has acquired since working in the MSL will stand him in good stead as he advances Parkour in Vancouver and on the North American circuit.