SCAPPS conference, Oct 15th-17th in Edmonton

Posted 22 Sep 2015

The Canadian Society for Psychomotor Learning and Sport Psychology (SCAPPS) had its beginnings in Edmonton in 1969 as a meeting of scholars, both faculty and graduate students, interested in research in psychomotor learning and sport psychology. It was founded as a society in Banff, Alberta, in 1977.

Please see the SCAPPS website for more information.

Nicole Ong, APril Karlinsky, David Hendry and Melanie Lam, all students who have or who are working in the Motor SKills Lab. will be presenting their research at this conference.

HENDRY, D, Hodges NJ. Developmental soccer experiences and self-determined motivation: a follow-up study of elite youth players. SCAPPS. Edmonton, Canada. (Oct, 2015).

KARLINSKY A, DHILLON J, Hodges NJ. The moderating role of a co-learner when concurrently practicing a balance task. Testing effects of orientation and “interference” on learning. SCAPPS. Edmonton, Canada. (Oct, 2015).

LAM, M, Hodges NJ, Franks IM, Chua R. Spatial-Response Discrimination Can Elicit a Social Simon Effect in an Independent Task Context, which is indexed by a reduction in the P3 EEG response. SCAPPS. Edmonton, Canada. (Oct, 2015).

LAM, M, Hodges NJ, Franks IM, Chua R. Advance Information Suppresses Co-Representation in a Joint Response-Cueing Task. SCAPPS. Edmonton, Canada. (Oct, 2015).

ONG NT, Lohse KR, Hodges NJ. Manipulating target size to influence perceptions of success when learning a dart-throwing skill. SCAPPS. Edmonton, Canada. (Oct, 2015).