Upcoming Sport Expertise Event_Montreal_June15th

Posted 19 Jan 2016

Seeing the forest and the trees: Theoretical and practical issues in sport expertise

Wednesday, June 15th 9:30 am to 3:30 pm
To be held at the auditorium of The Olympic Stadium, Montreal, in partnership with the INS (Institut National du Sport du Québec).
**Guest keynote presentation — Professor Jocelyn Faubert (Essilor – NSERC Chair, Université de Montréal); who will be presenting his much publicized work on perceptual-cognitive skills training in sport (http://vision.opto.umontreal.ca/english/index_en.html).

Jocelyn Faubert dans son laboratoire de réalité virtuelle.

Please join us for this exciting event which will bring together researchers and practitioners from around the globe exploring sport expertise and applied skill acquisition. Interested researchers (and graduate students!) are encouraged to contact Dr. Joe Baker (bakerj@yorku.ca) or Dr. Nikki Hodges (nicola.hodges@ubc.ca) for additional details. If you are interested in presenting; we anticipate 2 sessions broadly divided on “Expert Performance”, with a focus on perceptual-cognitive skills in sport and “Expertise Development”  (~15 min, each session with allocated discussion time). Presentations can be idea-based or data-based and we encourage student presentations as well as those from more seasoned researchers (debate is welcomed!). We also welcome discussion on sports-application. Abstracts (max 250 words) to be sent directly to Joe or Nikki (by Feb 15th 2016). The details of the talk can complement but should not replicate presentations for the main NASPSPA conference.   Please note: the main conference abstract submission deadline is Jan 15th 2016. Directions to the Olympic Stadium from the conference hotel will be posted on the NASPSPA website.


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