Dr Chris Button to visit the Motor Skills Lab

Posted 17 Oct 2017

Chris will be presenting to the lab. on Friday October 20th. He is currently in town for the "drowning prevention conference" which is being held in downtown Vancouver.

Dr Button's research interests include movement coordination and variability, skill learning, coaching, water safety and survival skills. He is well known for his work related to the ecological and constraints-based framework surrounding skill acquisition. He has been the recipient of several research grants from organisations such as SportNZ, ACC, and Water Safety New Zealand. Summaries of much of his work linking theory to practice can be found in the textbooks, 'Dynamics of Skill Acquisition' (2007: Human Kinetics), 'Complex Systems in Sport’ (2013: Routledge, Taylor & Francis), and ‘Nonlinear Pedagogy in Skill Acquisition’ (2016: Routledge, Taylor & Francis).