New publication (and free download)

Posted 05 Nov 2018

A study conducted with Dr Katie Wadden (as part of her PhD thesis) when she worked in the Brain and Behaviour Lab. at UBC with Dr Lara Boyd has just been published. In this work we tried to manipulate challenge-related difficulty based on a preliminary test of indivdual's rate of acquisition of a sequence learning task of moderate difficulty. Differences in initial acquisition were used to set challenge related difficulty in a second test phase. Overall, there was evidence that a high degree of challenge was good for learning. There is a need to extend this work to better determine if and how individual-appropriate challenges, based on a prior learning episode might facilitate subsequent learning.

Individualized Challenge Point Practice as a Method to Aid Motor Sequence Learning

Please click on the link below for your free download if you do not have access to the Journal of Motor Behavior:

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