SCAPPS in person conference in Montreal

Posted 03 Nov 2022

Congrats to our presenters at SCAPPS this year, both here in the MSL at UBC and our collaborators at U. of Toronto

Carrie Peters, Dr Matt Scott, Zachary Besler. Abstracts are published in JEMS (Jn of Exercise, Movement & Health)


Current and past lab personnel in bold.

* Zachary Besler, Georgia Grieve, Sean Muller, Romeo Chua, and Nicola Hodges (Oct, 2022). Assessing the contributions of visual (hitting) and motor (pitching) experiences to pitch discrimination anticipation in baseball athletes.

* Matthew Scott, Jonathan Howard, Aneesha Mehta, April Karlinsky, Tim Welsh, and Nicola Hodges (Oct, 2022). Motor contagion in novice golf putting: Testing partner-effects in a motor learning paradigm

* Carrie M. Peters, David Hill, David T. Hendry, and Nicola J. Hodges (Oct, 2022). Development and initial validation of an instrument to measure engagement in purposeful
practice among youth soccer athletes.

* Molly Brillinger, April Karlinsky, Luc Tremblay, Katherine Tamminen, Nicola Hodges, and Timothy Welsh (Oct, 2022). Does “teamwork make the dream work”? Comparing competitive and cooperative dyad learning environments to independent learning environments in an online timing task