Nicole Ong

Position: PhD student

Research Observational learning

Year: 2007

I am originally from Singapore and was a Physical Education teacher in a high school for several years before arriving in Vancouver. Besides teaching PE, I was also a sessional lecturer at the National Institute of Education (Singapore) for a curriculum gymnastics module and coached preschoolers at a private soccer academy. My interest in teaching and learning brought me to this lab in 2006. Since then, I have completed some undergraduate kinesiology courses, followed by a Master in Science and I also took a year off to work with Special Olympics as a manager of sport and youth development in British Columbia. Currently I am pursuing a PhD in topics related to instruction, observational practice, implicit/explicit learning and (potentially) transfer of learning. I hope that my research would provide coaches and instructors with evidence-based guidelines that would improve their practice planning, instructional methodology and interaction with athletes/learners. It is my privilege to work with Dr. Hodges (my mentor, soccer teammate and friend) and live in beautiful BC to enjoy its amazing outdoors.