Shawn Hetherington

Position: Masters student

Research Visual motor skills in sport expertise

Year: 2014

I am originally from Tsawwassen, British Columbia but have been a bit of a nomad in recent years.  Since graduating from UBC in 2011 I have played 3 years of professional baseball in North America, Europe and Australia.  Through this experience I also coached youth baseball and worked as a professional training coach in the off-seasons.  My main research interests are motor expertise and the use of competition in learning. Outside of academics I love to travel and experience other cultures, play about any sport out there, and spend as much time as I can amongst nature.

Shawn graduated with his MKIN in Spring 2016. His major paper was on visual-cognitive skills that discriminate across athletes of high and lower skill as a function of sport-type. We are in the process of writing this study for publication.