Beverley Larssen

Position: Masters student

Research Adaptation and Observational learning/special populations

Year: 2009

I started working as a Research Assistant in the UBC Motor Skills Lab during my second year of undergraduate studies, where I conducted research in the area of observational learning. After completing my BHK at UBC in May 2011, I decided to continue my studies in the MSc program under the supervision of Dr. Hodges to further study the processes that enable us to learn from watching others with a special interest in adaptation paradigms and motor memory consolidation.I graduated from the Masters program in 2013 and have since been working part time in the lab as a research assistant (in addition to teaching KIN 230).

In addition to my research interests, I take time to coach a youth track & field program. I am a track athlete myself, so if I am not in the lab, you will likely find me walking (I am a Racewalker) laps of the track or on the road chasing down joggers.