Updating of Implicit Adaptation Processes through Erroneous Numeric Feedback

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Skill acquisition
TitleUpdating of Implicit Adaptation Processes through Erroneous Numeric Feedback
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2023
AuthorsLarssen, BC, Hodges, NJ
JournalJournal of Motor Behavior
Pagination1 - 18
Date PublishedJan-07-2024
Keywordsadaptation, Knowledge of results, sensory prediction errors, target errors

There is debate about how implicit and explicit processes interact in sensorimotor adaptation, implicating how error signals drive learning. Target error information is thought to primarily influence explicit processes, therefore manipulations to the veracity of this information should impact adaptation but not implicit recalibration (i.e. after-effects). Thirty participants across three groups initially adapted to rotated cursor feedback. Then we manipulated numeric target error through knowledge of results (KR) feedback, where groups practised with correct or incorrect (+/-15°) numeric KR. Participants adapted to erroneous KR, but only the KR + 15 group showed augmented implicit recalibration, evidenced by larger after-effects than before KR exposure. In the presence of sensory prediction errors, target errors modulated after-effects, suggesting an interaction between implicit and explicit processes

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