Motor Skills Lab goes to work at UBC-O in Kelowna

Posted 14 Jul 2023

Through funding help from UBC's CRMA (Collaborative Mobility Research Awards), we (Matt, Carrie and Felix) recently visited Dr Sarah Krauetner's lab at the UBC-Okanagan campus. This was our second visit where we learnt about TMS (Transcranial Magnetic stimulation) and hotspotting and discussed various research projects that we have been working on across the NIMBL lab and the Motor Skills Lab. One paper has been published in Psych Research, 2023 (see Publications), two are in the process of being written up for publication on: 1) motor and visual experiences underpinning visual and kinesthetic motor imagery and 2) inter-cortical inhibition when action observation and imagery are engaged when performing unimanual contractions. A number of other projects are in the pipeline and with shared personnel across the labs, we are excited to continue to develop this collaboration.