Collaborative Day at Green College

Posted 14 Jul 2023

On Monday June 12th, along with students and other lab personnel, we met to spend the day at Green College to discuss research and generate ideas for future collaborations.
• Rouwen Canal-Bruland: Inst of Sport Science, U. Jena, Germany.
• Romeo Chua: Perceptual Motor Dynamics Lab, Kinesiology, UBC
• Nicola Hodges: Motor Skills Lab, Kinesiology, UBC
• Alan Kingstone: BAR lab, Psychology, UBC
• Hysoub Kim: Sensorimotor lab, PT, U. Delaware (until June 30th 2023), then UBC Kinesiology, July 1, 2023, CCM Lab
• Miriam Spering: Oculomotor lab, Dept of Opthamology & Visual Sci., UBC