Visit and presentation Daniel Fortin-Guichard

Posted 25 Aug 2023

We are very happy to welcome Dr Daniel Fortin-Guichard from the University of Laval to the Motor Skills Lab.

WHEN: Monday August 28th; from 12pm (presentation ~12:30pm).

Daniel will be talking about some of his recent work on sport skill development in soccer and ice hockey; based on a couple of recent publications:

Fortin-Guichard, D., Tétreault, É., Paquet, D., Mann, D. L., & Grondin, S. (2023). Identification of “sleeping” talent using psychological characteristics in junior elite ice-hockey players. Journal of Sports Sciences, 41(7), 605-615. (
Fortin-Guichard, D., Huberts, I., Sanders, J., van Elk, R., Mann, D. L., & Savelsbergh, G. J. (2022). Predictors of selection into an elite level youth football academy: A longitudinal study. Journal of Sports Sciences, 40(9), 984-999.(