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Joe Vecchione Publishes Book Chapter Posted 06 Dec 2021
We are excited that Joe Vecchione, a MSc student in the lab. has his first publication entitled: "Modifying Technique in Closed Self-Paced Motor Tasks" by Joseph Vecchione, Catherine Madill, and Nicola Hodges. This is in the book: "Ritual Behavior in Sport: The Psychology of Closed Self-Paced Motor Tasks" (ch 11), edited by Gal Ziv and Ronnie Lidor (Routledge).
NASPSPA Professional Development Series Panel Discussant Posted 06 Dec 2021
Translating Motor Learning Science into Effective Sport Skill Development online seminar with Vitor Profeta, Nicola Hodges and Mark Williams provided by the North American Society for Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity (NASPSPA).This talk was a 15 minute presentation by each presenter, followed by a live (MS Teams) discussion.
Australian Skill Acquisition Network Annual Conference Keynote Hodges Posted 06 Dec 2021
Invited keynote presentation at the ASAN conference on " Challenge points for Motor Learning", given by Nicola Hodges, Nov 26th 2021This talk was based on some recent publications including:“An extended challenge-based framework for practice design in sports coaching” Nicola J Hodges and Keith R Lohse (2021). Article DOI 10.1080/02640414.2021.2015917. Which has just been accepted for publication in the Jn of Sports Sciences (see attachment)
Masters' student Zach Besler gets interviewed on overcoming challenges Posted 08 Nov 2021
Interview by the Richmond newsZach has been working in the lab since 2019. He loves baseball... and he is using his skills and knowledge of motor learning to address questions with both applied and theoretical interest. Follow the links on the home page to see more about a baseball study he is involved in with fellow Masters' student Georgia Grieve (the photo of the baseball player is actually Zach as a young kid!)
The Primal MMA podcast interview with Dr Hodges on Tactical Demonstrations Posted 31 Aug 2021

Screenshot_Primal MMA.pngS2, #4. Show and Tell! Dr Nicola Hodges and the science of demonstrations.August 21, 2021 Scott Sievewright and Ben Schultz Season 2 Episode 4<>
New research on challenge and adaptation (free download link) Posted 05 Aug 2021

graphicalabstract.jpgPlease visit publications for pdfs of our researchWe are happy to announce a new publication in Human Movement Science titled: Now you see me, now you don’t: Adapting practice through target exclusion negatively impacts motor learning. Please click on the journal link to get a free copy of this article (for 50 days).
The Sport Psych Show: Interview Posted 17 Jul 2021

Screenshot (71).pngThe Skill Acquisition in Sport book (3rd edition), was discussed with Dan Abrahams in an interview with myself and Mark Williams. Episode #150.We discuss lots of topics related to feedback, challenge, attention, constraints and specificity.
Congratulations to Carrie and Bev Posted 24 May 2021

Congratulations to Carrie Peters for being awarded a NSERC doctoral award for 2021! Many congratulations.carriePeters.jpgAlso big congrats to Bev Larssen (formerly in the Motor Skills lab, now PhD (and PT) in the Brain and Behavior Lab with Dr Boyd), for being awarded the Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute Rising Star Award.BevLarssen.jpgWell done you two!
Three conference video talks: NASPSPA virtual 2021 Posted 24 May 2021

2021-NASPSPA-Virtual-Conference.pngWe have 3 submissions for the upcoming NASPSPA conference June 9th-11th (please click to view the youtube 2 or 6 min presentation) Besler (Masters' student): Categorizing and distinguishing perceptual cognitive skills in interceptive sports
Powering Podiums - Exploring the Art and Science behind Practice Innovation Posted 18 May 2021
CSI Pacific are hosting a workshop designed for high performance coaches on motor skill acquisition. High performance coaches and academics who work in skill acquisition will discuss together approaches used to design practice and give feedback - with a focus on use of technology.