News and events

Dartfish webinar Posted 04 Apr 2012
Monday April 23rd, 1pm there will be a dartfish  "webinar" to learn more about this video analysis program we have in the lab.
Des' PhD Thesis Proposal Posted 23 Feb 2012
Monday Feb 27th in room 100, War Memorial Gym at 12pm."The role of the human action-system in visual perceptual judgments"
Talent or practice? Media debate Posted 21 Feb 2012
FEATHERs grant awarded Posted 03 Feb 2012
We are excited to be involved in a 3 year project with faculty from Mechanical Engineering (PI Machiel Van der Loos) and Rehabilitation Sciences designed to study and implement a rehabilitation program for increasing arm function in people after stroke and with cerebral palsy. The project acronym "FEATHERs" stands for "Functional Engagement in Assisted Therapy through Exercise Robotics".
Lab visit. Dr Jinsung Wang Posted 01 Feb 2012
Dr Wang will be visiting us on Friday Feb 17th. he will be presenting in room 206/208 WMG from 12-1pm.
Undergrad. Lab Crawl Posted 06 Jan 2012
The annual "undergraduate lab crawl" will take place, on Jan 31st. Students will be visiting the Motor Skills Lab from 4:40 - 5pm.There will be a social "mingling" event to follow at 5:30pm.
NASPSPA Posted 06 Jan 2012
abstracts are due Feb 1st for this years NASPSPA conference in Hawaii (June 7th-9th, 2012). 
UBC Graduation Posted 24 Nov 2011
 Congratulations Chris!
Penny McCullagh & Steve Wallace visit Posted 22 Nov 2011
Tuesday morning from 10am until midday, Penny McCullagh (CSU, East Bay) and Steve Wallace (SFSU) will be visiting our labs for a look around and a chat with students. Anticipated time in MSL, 11am.
Skills Conference Montpellier_Dec 15th 2011 Posted 28 Oct 2011