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Welcome to visiting graduate research student Felix Weilharter Posted 14 Jul 2023

It's a great pleasure to have Felix visit us for 3 months in the lab. this summer. He is joining us from the University of Konstanz in Germany where he has been studying sport psychology and ratings of perceived effort associated with various precision judgments of force. We are currently working on developing projects related to action observation and force production as well as implicit biases in sport-related judgement tasks.
Dr Rouwen Canal-Bruland: Visiting International Faculty Researcher. Public talk June 15th Posted 09 Jun 2023

NASPSPA workshop Psychology of High Quality Coaching: Translating Research into Practice Posted 05 Jun 2023
Along with organizers, Drs Harjiv Singh (Orlando Magic Basketball) and David Anderson (San Francisco State University), I was fortunate to be part of a committee that organized the post-conference, one day workshop for NASPSPA 2023 in Toronto. This was a workshop designed to address issues concerning translation of research into practice with respect to high quality coaching.For details of the event and NASPSPA conference June 2023:
FIFA publish "training centre" video and interview Posted 04 May 2023

FIFA have been developing a series of "Science Explained" videos for practitioners and I was recently invited to give one on the topic of deliberate practice.
Carrie's thesis proposal Wednesday April 26th 1pm Posted 25 Apr 2023
Title: The role of observed errors in performing and learning motor skillsMy committee is:Committee members: Dr Nicola Hodges, Dr. Romeo Chua and Dr. Sarah KraeutnerWhen/Where: April 26th at 1pm in room 300 WMG
Joe Vecchione MSc Thesis Defense on Technique Change Posted 29 Mar 2023

Joe will be defending his Master's thesis on March 30th.
MSL going to UK and Ireland Posted 13 Feb 2023

After some down-time during COVID, we're venturing out again and planning to attend two conference in the UK.RIO - Research in Imagery and Observation; Conference to be held in Limerick, May 11th and 12th. Abstract deadline Feb 28th
The Sport Doctor Podcast: Using a challenge-based coaching framework Posted 13 Feb 2023

Our paper with Keith Lohse gets a little more publicity and translation into coaching practice on the Australian "Coach Doctor" Podcast with Dr James Barkell.You can find it by clicking the link to the coach doctor, or by listening through spotify or other podcast players.
Free e-prints: new publication, implicit adaptation & feedback Posted 26 Dec 2022

Our article, "Implicit Adaptation Processes Promoted by Immediate Offline Visual and Numeric Feedback", published in Journal of Motor Behavior, Volume 55 Issue 1, is now in print.  If you do not have access through your institution the publishers have given us a link to 50 free e-prints, by following the link below. We welcome your feedback.
Dr Matt Scott is interviewed on the Sport Psych Podcast Posted 26 Dec 2022

 Post-doctoral researcher in our lab, Dr Matt Scott is intervewed by Dan Abrahams on the sport psych show "Exploring the use of motor imagery in sport". This is a great interview with Matt, Dr David Wright and Dr Paul Holmes. The three of them answer questions about the PETTLEP model of enhancing motor imagery in practice and the evolution of this model.