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The Primal MMA podcast interview with Dr Hodges on Tactical Demonstrations Posted 31 Aug 2021

Screenshot_Primal MMA.pngS2, #4. Show and Tell! Dr Nicola Hodges and the science of demonstrations.August 21, 2021 Scott Sievewright and Ben Schultz Season 2 Episode 4<>
New research on challenge and adaptation (free download link) Posted 05 Aug 2021

graphicalabstract.jpgPlease visit publications for pdfs of our researchWe are happy to announce a new publication in Human Movement Science titled: Now you see me, now you don’t: Adapting practice through target exclusion negatively impacts motor learning. Please click on the journal link to get a free copy of this article (for 50 days).
The Sport Psych Show: Interview Posted 17 Jul 2021

Screenshot (71).pngThe Skill Acquisition in Sport book (3rd edition), was discussed with Dan Abrahams in an interview with myself and Mark Williams. Episode #150.We discuss lots of topics related to feedback, challenge, attention, constraints and specificity.
Congratulations to Carrie and Bev Posted 24 May 2021

Congratulations to Carrie Peters for being awarded a NSERC doctoral award for 2021! Many congratulations.carriePeters.jpgAlso big congrats to Bev Larssen (formerly in the Motor Skills lab, now PhD (and PT) in the Brain and Behavior Lab with Dr Boyd), for being awarded the Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute Rising Star Award.BevLarssen.jpgWell done you two!
Three conference video talks: NASPSPA virtual 2021 Posted 24 May 2021

2021-NASPSPA-Virtual-Conference.pngWe have 3 submissions for the upcoming NASPSPA conference June 9th-11th (please click to view the youtube 2 or 6 min presentation) Besler (Masters' student): Categorizing and distinguishing perceptual cognitive skills in interceptive sports
Powering Podiums - Exploring the Art and Science behind Practice Innovation Posted 18 May 2021
CSI Pacific are hosting a workshop designed for high performance coaches on motor skill acquisition. High performance coaches and academics who work in skill acquisition will discuss together approaches used to design practice and give feedback - with a focus on use of technology. 
Movement and Skill Acquisition Ireland: Women who changed the discussion Posted 15 Oct 2020

Motor Skill Acquisition IrelandOctober 16th, 10am PST/6pm GMTflier_MSAI_hodges.jpg"Skill acquisition in Sport: Mirrors, Models and Masters" Link: 
Our own Tom Coppola wins "Ultimate Tag" Posted 12 Jul 2020

tomCoppola.jpgTom Coppola (Masters student in the Motor SKills Lab in 2015), has been heavily involved in the sport of Parkour in Vancouver. He was one of the founders of the ORIGINS gym in Vancouver. Tom recently competed in "Ultimate Tag"; a USA game show which is basically a game of chase across obstacles...and WON;
Sean Muller, online Zoom talk on assessing and training Perceptual skills in hitting sports Posted 27 May 2020

Soccer Pathways Project for Girls NOW LAUNCHED Posted 13 Mar 2020

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