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Movement and Skill Acquisition Ireland: Women who changed the discussion Posted 15 Oct 2020

Motor Skill Acquisition IrelandOctober 16th, 10am PST/6pm GMTflier_MSAI_hodges.jpg"Skill acquisition in Sport: Mirrors, Models and Masters" Link: 
Our own Tom Coppola wins "Ultimate Tag" Posted 12 Jul 2020

tomCoppola.jpgTom Coppola (Masters student in the Motor SKills Lab in 2015), has been heavily involved in the sport of Parkour in Vancouver. He was one of the founders of the ORIGINS gym in Vancouver. Tom recently competed in "Ultimate Tag"; a USA game show which is basically a game of chase across obstacles...and WON;
Sean Muller, online Zoom talk on assessing and training Perceptual skills in hitting sports Posted 27 May 2020

Soccer Pathways Project for Girls NOW LAUNCHED Posted 13 Mar 2020

Please visit the PARTICIPATE page for more details on this survey based study.
NASPSPA, in Vancouver June 11th- 14th 2020 for researchers and coaches ONLINE Posted 18 Feb 2020
NASPSPA will now be ONLINE, June 11th - 14th 2020. This is a conference for people interested in sport psychology, motor control and motor learning (skill acquisition), motor development and many things in between (expert performance, coaching, movement analytics).Please see website for more details:
SCAPPS is going to be in Vancouver October 17th-19th Posted 01 Oct 2019

SCAPPS Vancouver is at the Marriott Pinnacle Hotel, downtown Vancouver.All information about the conference can be found on the conference website ( Alan Kingstone (Psychology, UBC) and Joan Duda (Leeds University, UK) will be the keynote speakers
Congratulations Brennan Chan on your MSc Posted 19 Aug 2019
Brennan graduated from the lab. early August 2019 and is now starting Physiotherapy at UBC. We wish you all the best Brennan. Brennan was studying how physical and perceptual experiences shape action prediction. Through manipulations to a weight worn in practice, or worn in prediction, Brennan showed evidence that weights can bias judgements and also that this bias is only evident when improvement is mediated by physical practice experiences.
Upcoming FEPSAC conference July 15th, Muenster, Germany Posted 27 May 2019
Perceptual-motor expertise Symposium This symposium will cover emerging topics and new trends that are likely to play an important role in future research in perceptual-motor expertise. Prominent international speakers including:
New research on dyad learning free download Posted 14 May 2019

We are happy to announce a new publication in Human Movement Science titled: Manipulations to practice organization of golf putting skills through interleaved matched or mismatched practice with a partner.This is a paper that was part of April's PhD thesis. Congratulations April!  
interview with Michelle Grady (Kin communications) for UBC Posted 17 Apr 2019
Dr Hodges on the value of effortful practice.