Namesort descending Position Research Year
AnnaMae Pond Masters student Motor imagery, cross-limb transfer 2023 View publications
April Karlinsky PhD student Peer-based motor learning 2011
Avi Mehrotra Masters student Eye gaze and head tracking 2023 View publications
Beverley Larssen Masters student Adaptation and Observational learning/special populations 2009 View publications
Brennan Chan Masters student Anticipation and perceptual skills 2016
Carrie Peters PhD student Women's soccer development and observational learning 2020 View publications
David Hendry PhD student Motor expertise and skill development 2010 View publications
Desmond Mulligan PhD student Motor-visual learning interactions 2008 View publications
Felix Weilharter Masters student Visiting Masters Student from U Konstanz. Mentally effortful processes in force production 2023 View publications
Georgia Grieve Masters student Anticipation in baseball 2018